Pressurised Water Reactor schematic.  (Picture  courtesy BNFL)

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Please note that detailed information about application for membership should be obtained directly from the Institution at the address given on the contact page.

Advantages of membership of the Institution

Joining the Institution demonstrates personal commitment to the nuclear engineering profession and gains recognition throughout the world through accredited membership of this body of specialist engineers.

Nuclear technology is a modern technology and draws practitioners from a wide range of interests and disciplines.  Whilst other bodies exist which deal partially with nuclear engineering, none can truly claim to represent the professional interests of nuclear engineers and scientists as does this Institution.  Our members are in industry, universities and colleges and government service.  You will find them building and operating reactors for use on land and sea, participating in research, design and manufacture of nuclear instruments and components, lecturing in nuclear engineering and science, acting as consultants and in other positions in the nuclear industry.

The Institution seeks to fulfil its aims of encouraging the peaceful use of nuclear energy and promoting nuclear engineering by holding lectures and international conferences and by the publication of its journal, The Nuclear Engineer, which reports developments in the field of nuclear engineering.  The journal is issued free to members six times a year and includes a representative selection of papers reporting articles of general interest, news and views from the nuclear world, and professional, academic, legal or institutional news which may affect our membership.

In a modern technology, you have the opportunity to join a mature Institution which is 40 years old and which achieves greater recognition year by year.  By being admitted to the Institution, you gain acceptance in the profession and enable the Institution to develop its collective strength to promote the field of nuclear engineering on a scale commensurate with the future needs of the country.