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This web site does not collect names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, banking details or any other personal information.


We place the following cookies on users' computers:

  1. statcounter - this is to provide a hit counting service via .  The cookie ensures that multiple calls to a page from the same user in a short space of time are not counted as separate hits.  The initial absence of a cookie will indicate to the service that this is a new visitor.
  2. valueclick - this is associated with the Freefind service and is provided by  It may provide statistical data on users for the purposes of analysing the Freefind site activity (eg how often individual users return to the same page), but the Institution does not have access to this data.

Third-party Services

  1. The counter service provides the Institution with the following information about the most recent 100 visitors:

    Date, Time, Browser and Version (eg Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0), Operating System (eg Windows XP), Screen Resolution (eg 600x800), Country, Host Name (which may be a URL or an IP address), Page Visited, Referring Link.  Where a visitor has been referred from a search engine, it is possible to see what the search enquiry was.

    Statistical information about the number of users is retained to show trends.

  2. We provide a discussion board (click here) which is provided by  They have their own privacy statement which can be seen here.  No information is collected by the Institution from this source.