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  • The Institution's energy policy

  • How to plug the energy gap  This report, written by John Loughhead, (Executive Director, UK Energy Research Centre) is the result of a multidisciplinary consensus meeting between 150 scientific, technical, economic and sociological experts at Burlington House on October 12 and 13 2005, under the auspices of The Geological Society of London

"Nuclear fission energy is a proven and reliable technology that will inevitably have a key role in a future clean energy mix"

"It is vital to keep the nuclear option open.  We cannot be confident that the combination of efficiency, conservation and renewables will be enough to meet the needs of environmental protection while providing a secure supply of electricity at an acceptable cost.  It is essential to win back public confidence in this option."

Waste & Remediation

  • Interested in the management of contaminated land on nuclear and defence sites?  Check the SAFEGROUNDS web site at
  • The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee Report March 1999 on The Management of Nuclear Waste
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.  The NDA is a non-departmental public body, set up in April 2005 under the Energy Act 2004 to take strategic responsibility for the UK’s nuclear legacy.
  • Resources & Publications

    • Check out our Journal 'Nuclear Future' - the Publications section has listing for past issues of our previous journal 'The Nuclear Engineer'.
    • RAMTRANS (formerly Nuclear Technology Publishing)
    • UK Nuclear legislation
    • Follow the button to Links for a wide selection of other nuclear organisations in the UK and abroad.

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